Frequently Asked Questions

I am a first time user of propane and know nothing about it. What should i do? Is it safe?

Propane is almost exactly like natural gas or electricity except it is delivered by a person, in a tank truck.  Like natural gas and electricity, propane can cause harm if you are not thoroughly educated.  Find out more about propane at

Is propane readily available?

Historically there has not been any interruption in the supply of propane. Unusually cold winters in 2013 and 2014 increased demand but production has increased. 

I own my own tank. Can your company service my tank or must i lease one? Will your company remove and dispose of my existing tank if it is leaking?

Yes, if the tank you own meets our requirements and is in good condition, we can service your tank.  Leasing is an option available to our customers. We can exchange out the existing equipment you own and properly dispose of it. Contact our office for more details.

What should i do if i smell propane in my house, workplace, RV or around equipment?

Take immediate ACTION. Extinguish all smoking, open flames and sources of ignition. Evacuate building, vehicle or area. Do not use or touch any electrical switches, thermostats, appliances or telephones. Close the shutoff valve on the propane tank. Call the propane company and fire department using a cell phone or neighbor’s phone. Do not re-enter the building, vehicle or area until a trained professional or emergency responder has confirmed there is no leak and all appliances and connections have been checked. 


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